I shouldn’t use the Cervélo in the city

I took a spin into EBC this afternoon, and decided to take the Cervélo instead of my Specialized commuter. Ultimately, it was an interesting lesson which ended up with me thinking I really shouldn’t bother doing this in future. The main disadvantage to taking the Cervélo was the constant clipping in and out of the SPD-SL pedals. Now, I’m probably still getting used to them, but I seem to struggle to get my left foot into the pedal easily, and since I’m riding in town, I pretty much have to stop at least every 2 minutes. Having to constantly unclip from the SPD-SL pedals is a total PITA, tbh. The clips on my SPD pedals on my commuter are significantly easier to get in and out of, so it’s just going to be a hell of a sight easier to take that bike in future, and I’ll take the Cervélo out for long out-of-town rides, which was the point of getting it, after all.

2 thoughts on “I shouldn’t use the Cervélo in the city

  1. Speedplay Zero look like a good alternative, but to be fair, I’ve hardly given the SPD-SL pedals a proper go. They were totally fine last weekend when I was on a long ride without multiple stops, I just don’t think they are suited to constant stop-start situations like riding through the centre of Edinburgh.

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