Sudden surge of visitors, solved

Had a look at the site stats this morning. Noticed that yesterday was particularly mental in terms of hits on the blog. I had this once before, a couple of months back, when Google decided to re-index my site and visited pretty much every unique page on the blog. It in turn made that day the highest in terms of page hits, but the number of unique visitors was the same, since clearly Google is one visitor. Just an anomoly.

Anyway, it was even more mental yesterday. At first, I thought the same thing had happened, but then I noticed two things; first, one page had received most of the hits, and secondly, the number of unique visitors was significantly higher than normal. The page in question was the one a couple of weeks back about my commuter getting a service at EBC.

Fulcrum Racing 5 WheelsetI’ve tracked it down to a newsletter that’s been sent out to people, by email, although it’s also (currently) on the EBC site itself. Sweet.

I’ll be back at EBC today, as it happens, as they are going to help me get my cassette off so I can fit the Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels on my bike. I’m currently riding around with just the Fulcrum front wheel and an Alex back wheel. It looks a little odd.

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