Getting Your Bike Serviced

I mentioned last week that I had booked my bike in for a service. I put it in yesterday morning, and got it back this morning. After cycling it home, the only verdict I can say is summed up in one word – “wow”. Or maybe some more words – “holy crap, what a difference”.

So this therefore leads me to realise that the bike has been operating in a fairly non-functional way for some time. Here’s the list of things that they (Edinburgh Bicycle) had to do to it, and all for a measly £80:

  • Standard service / transmission clean
  • Removed the transmission parts and deep cleaned
  • The rear mech’s barrel adjuster was seized into the rear mech and snapped when tried to remove, this had to be drilled out and has been retapped to 6mm
  • A brake lever barrel has been fitted so the gears can be adjusted
  • Tightened the bars and stem
  • Adjusted the front hub
  • Adjusted the rear hub
  • Refitted the transmission parts
  • Fitted new rear brake pads
  • Fitted a new front inner gear cable, inner and outer on the rear has been replaced
  • Adjusted the gears
  • Adjusted the brakes, these were also quite stuck and needed more attention as when pulled they would not release
  • Did not inflate tyres as rear rim is very worn and should be replace asap
  • Checked over and test rode

Within seconds of riding it away from the shop, it was immediately obvious what a huge difference they had made. I knew it was needing some attention, but bloody hell, it was ridiculous. Essentially, there were three main noticeable things:

  1. I could now change gear without any effort (previously I had to put in a lot of force to change the rear mech at all, and the front mech would not go into the big ring)
  2. The brakes are ridiculously awesome, which means that I can now stop unbelievably quickly. Previously, I had just assumed that my brakes worked as normal and that it took a while to totally stop.
  3. No more squeaky noises

It’s pretty amazing. The only down side to all of this is that it makes my Cervélo look less unbelievable. But to be honest, the difference between the two of them was huge, whereas now the difference between them is just “a lot”.

BrakesAs for the wheels, I had left my rear brake pad on for too long a while ago, as you can see from this pic. And when I say “too long”, clearly I had left them far too long. This is why my rear rim is in need of replacing. I have plans to get a new wheelset for the bike, and I had been also thinking of replacing the groupset because my gears and shifters were so crap and assumed it was because the groupset on the bike were really shit, but after the service it now appears that the groupset can live another day. It’s only a Shimano 2300 with a Tiagra cassette and KMC chain, which is not very good, but it’s definitely 100 times better than it was yesterday morning.

The wheels, on the other hand, need replaced, and I’ve known it for a while. Therefore, I’ll be saving up for a set of Fulcrum Racing 5 to replace the OEM Alex S500 Rims that came with the bike back in March 2010.

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