Another break; this time, a finger

It’s been at least a couple of months since I last broke a bone (nose, before that chipped elbow), and today it was the turn of my left ring finger. I’m not quite sure how it managed to break on its own, but ultimately I’m cycling home and I made it to approximately 50 metres from my house, and the bike went from under me on black ice on a 90° turn on the path outside my courtyard. Hey ho. Off to Boots tomorrow to get a splint and some tape and a pair of scissors so I can wrap it up and release it repeatedly during the day. I can’t be arsed having it wrapped up all the time, drives me insane. I can somehow managed to type without bending it, which is a bonus, but this is on a Mac keyboard where the keys don’t have to be pressed much. A Windows keyboard tomorrow at work might not be so easy.

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