Blissfully unaware

This isn’t an example of dangerous driving, but merely one where I’m left wondering whether the driver knew I was there at all.

First of all, she pulls out of a side road where I reckon she should have waited. But there was no chance she was going to hit me, so maybe there’s no problem.

Then, she slows right down and it then transpires that she’s letting a bus out. OK, again no danger, but I’m thinking at this point that she hasn’t a clue I’m there, otherwise it’s an odd thing to do, to pull out in front of a bike and then effectively block the bike by slowing down.

Anyway, then we carry on, and she stops in an ASL. Tut tut. And so far over to the left, preventing a bike fitting in there. I glance over, she has literally no idea I’m there still.

As I say, no danger to me at any point, but just bizarre driving. Another lesson for my kids on “drivers, and how you need to watch out for the unexpected / unexplained”.

2 thoughts on “Blissfully unaware

  1. Hi. Clever camera knows what speed you’re doing. What is the feet counter showing? What camera is it so I can drop a hint to the wife for Christmas.

    Have a merry one. Safe cycling.


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