Disappearing hand

My right hand is in the process of losing feeling, another exciting and unexpected development of the old MS. This time, so far, it’s not sore as such; maybe mildly aching, but not actually sore. I’m still able to type without too much problem, but it’s on its way out right now so who knows how bad it’s going to get. The bit of my hand that’s losing feeling the most is around the knuckles, which I think I’ve had before, quite some time ago. It’s like it’s a bit tight, and I seem to be stretching my hand in an attempt to get the feeling back again. That’s a waste of time, tbh. Hey ho. Hopefully it’ll not continue like this for too long.

I’m quite lucky I’m reasonably ambidextrous to the point where I can do quite a lot with either hand. Not writing, though, I tend to do that right handed, and it’s pretty much pointless right now. Thankfully, I don’t generally need to write things that often.

Of course, it might not be MS at all. This is the beauty of having MS – you never know whether something is just run-of-the-mill pish, or an actual relapse. I was playing squash last night and maybe I’ve overworked my hand. Nothing else is cropping up right now in terms of symptoms, so maybe I just need to chill and not worry about it. I’ll not worry about it either way, I reckon.

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