Health takes a tumble

It has been a while since MS symptoms have hit me, but I think I’ve just had such an episode. However, as is usually the case, it took a while to figure out what was going on.

Things started to go downhill on Tuesday, when I had a really bad night’s sleep. However, I felt generally ok on the Wednesday to start with. Things gradually got worse as I headed towards lunchtime, at which point I bailed for the day. First sick day for many years, AFAICR.

The Thursday and Friday was not much better. Ended up at the doctor for some drugs, which thankfully seem to be doing the trick. However, my balance is gone and I’ve got numbness in my right thigh, which is a bit odd.

Feeling much better today, mind you. Alas, the drugs I am on will prevent physical activities for a few weeks, but a small price to pay, really.

[ addendum ]

It’s worthwhile coming back to this at a later date to make reference to the likelihood that this was almost certainly not an MS episode. Instead, there are a hell of a lot of bugs going round the office, and it seems I just ended up getting a dose of one of them, and it floored me. I’m not suggesting that MS didn’t play its part in making me feel particularly shit, but I now don’t think it was any kind of relapse. Which is a relief, tbh.

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