Garmin FR 910xt: Further impressions

I’ve commented on the Garmin Forerunner 910xt a few times, mainly regarding how it deals with swimming, and I’ve not been overly positive about it. I suspected that this might be because of my inability to swim very well. I’m now reasonably confident that this is indeed the issue.

After a couple of months where I didn’t go swimming at all for no good reason, I’ve been a few times recently and I’ve concentrated on trying to swim with better technique, to see how the watch gets on. Previously, it was counting some of my lengths as multiple lengths, which is annoying. I’ve found that when I do a length and am aware that I didn’t half-drown during it, it does count it correctly, and when I hit problems or start doing odd strokes, it goes a bit crazy. With that in mind, I’m getting more confident that the watch is probably doing about as good as it can possibly do considering I’m not really giving it much to work with.

As for my swimming, well, I’m still struggling with this whole “breathing” thing, tbh, but I think I just need to practice more. I’m not going to get better taking a couple of months off, after all.

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