Daily Archives: 12-Jul-14

Injuries: Cav + Froomey = me

I said to friends the other day that I thought Froomey had probably broken his scaphoid which has caused him to pull out of the 2014 Tour de France. And so, when he announced on twitter that he’d broken his left wrist and right hand, it made me realise that he, plus Cav, equals me last year.

What on earth am I talking about? Well, Cav fell off his bike and did some fairly serious mischief to his shoulder. Turned out he’s dislocated it.

Last year, I managed to fall off my bike and sustained a number of injuries, including (but not limited to) a broken right wrist, a broken left thumb, and a dislocated humerus. The last one is up next to the shoulder. Put them all together, and you get roughly what Cav and Froomey managed between them in 4 crashes.

Somehow, Cav is apparently going to be back on his bike in 2 weeks and competing again in 6. I had both arms in casts for 6 weeks.

This makes me think I must’ve been pretty unlucky to sustain such a list of injuries from one tumble when coming off my bike going round a corner. It does make me go round that same corner much slower, though.

One inch can make all the difference

Although I’m talking about the nether regions here, the “inch” in question isn’t to do with the, well… you know. Instead, it’s to do with seating position. As mentioned the other day, I was investigating different seating positions to see whether I was inflicting myself with pain when out on long bike rides.

I’m now fairly sure I’ve been the cause of it.

Ultimately, a quick Google Image search for “sit bones bicycle seat” will show you many different pictures of what you need to be aiming for. I went out for two rides in the past 2 days, each time concentrating on sitting on the correct bit of my seat. My default seating position was literally one inch too far forward. This doesn’t cause me any problems for short rides, it appears, but once over say two and a half hours, it was starting to get sore. Therefore, pushing back one inch, to make sure that the sit bones were on the flat surface on my seat, rather than slipping down each side of the seat, seems so far to be making a difference.

The padding in cycling shorts therefore is intended to sit between your sit bones and your cycling seat, giving you even more padding and thus comfort. I knew this already, but I wasn’t aware of what bit of my bum was supposed to be getting cushioned by the padding. Once you know it’s the sit bones, and once you have figured out where they are in your body, things start to make a lot more sense!

In other news, I’ve also discovered I’m not supposed to wear underwear when I have bib shorts on. Chamois cream ordered…