Daily Archives: 18-May-14

Shoulder not happy after swim

Went swimming yesterday and today with Rebecca, so I could help her improve her front crawl. Note I’m still quite useless, but I have enough knowledge to give her some tips as she’s really just starting to learn it. However, after today’s session where I was putting much more emphasis onto pulling myself through the water, I appear to have hurt my right shoulder a bit.

This is the shoulder that was permanently buggered in my badminton playing days, which I had to retire from after my physio finally told me I either had to quit, or get surgery which would prevent me having full use of my shoulder, which would of course mean I would have to also quit. So a quit / quit option – not the best set of options to be given. Anyway, what’s done is done, but my shoulder has never been that stable since those days, mainly because I opted for the “no surgery” option.

The swimming today seems to have loosened it a little, and it’s a bit painful when I extend my arm now. Hopefully it’ll settle down after a couple of days of rest. The swim itself was awesome; I’m getting better at left side breathing, and I managed 4 lengths with only 9 right-hand strokes each, which is the first time I’ve managed single digit stroke lengths.