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Sky breaks Never Miss feature on their web site

I like Sky’s “Never Miss” utility, as it allows me to make a note on their site of a film I’d like to see which isn’t on Sky right now. However, they have currently broken it. It usually works easily; get an email telling you a film is on in a week’s time, click link from their email to go to their site, click various “Record” buttons, and hey presto – job done. But when you click on the 2nd Record button, nothing happens. Or at least, nothing appears to happen. Actually, what is happening is a web request is sent off silently, but it fails… silently. So you think the link is broken, or goes nowhere. It pretty much does go nowhere, let’s be honest, because the connection is reset by the web host at the other end – but if the site at least told you that, it wouldn’t be quite so bad!

C’mon Sky, fix it please!

ITV HD on Sky in Scotland

I have finally managed to get ITV HD on my Sky box, which I didn’t think was possible, since I live in Scotland. But hurrah! It is indeed possible. You merely have to add the channel manually. This means it doesn’t appear in your normal set of channels, and you can’t record it or pause it, but if you would rather watch HD without that functionality, then this is for you. Alternatively, if you want to record or pause, then you’re stuck with SD. First world problems.

To add ITV HD:

  1. Go to “Services”
  2. Press SELECT to choose “Options”
  3. Choose “Add Channels”, which is along to the right
  4. Frequency: 10.832
  5. Polarisation: H
  6. Symbol Rate (Mbaud): 22.0
  7. FEC: 5/6
  8. Press yellow button to “Find Channels”
  9. It will now scan, so wait a few seconds
  10. Highlight “ITV HD”, and press the yellow button to store it
  11. Press SELECT to continue

That last instruction is important; I didn’t press SELECT on my first attempt and it didn’t save correctly.

When you want to choose the channel later on:

  1. Go to “Services”
  2. Press SELECT to choose “Options”
  3. Choose “Other Channels”, which is along to the right
  4. Choose ITV HD!


Sky “Never Miss”

I discovered a feature of Sky tv today, which is their “never miss” feature.

This allows me to essentially bookmark a film to watch at a later date, if the film is not currently on sky movies. So what I will be using it for is to bookmark films that I’ve missed at the cinema, so that in a year’s time (or so), Sky will email me to say it is about to arrive on tv. Win.