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Health takes a tumble

It has been a while since MS symptoms have hit me, but I think I’ve just had such an episode. However, as is usually the case, it took a while to figure out what was going on.

Things started to go downhill on Tuesday, when I had a really bad night’s sleep. However, I felt generally ok on the Wednesday to start with. Things gradually got worse as I headed towards lunchtime, at which point I bailed for the day. First sick day for many years, AFAICR.

The Thursday and Friday was not much better. Ended up at the doctor for some drugs, which thankfully seem to be doing the trick. However, my balance is gone and I’ve got numbness in my right thigh, which is a bit odd.

Feeling much better today, mind you. Alas, the drugs I am on will prevent physical activities for a few weeks, but a small price to pay, really.

[ addendum ]

It’s worthwhile coming back to this at a later date to make reference to the likelihood that this was almost certainly not an MS episode. Instead, there are a hell of a lot of bugs going round the office, and it seems I just ended up getting a dose of one of them, and it floored me. I’m not suggesting that MS didn’t play its part in making me feel particularly shit, but I now don’t think it was any kind of relapse. Which is a relief, tbh.

Holborn to Caversham. Almost 2 hours.

In a “London Calling” style, I will describe my journey to work when I was recently in London.

I left my hotel in Holborn @ 07:15am and it took me until 09:05am to get to work in Caversham, which is within walking distance of Reading. Almost 2 hours. Nightmare. And the worse thing is, that’s apparently normal for people who live in London.

For those of you interested in the breakdown:

I went from Holborn underground station to Lancaster Gate on the red line (there’s three red lines as far as my eyes can tell as I’m colour blind; I’m not certain which it was, but I’ll guess it’s the Central line). From there, you walk to Paddington station and buy a ticket to Reading.

The issue with the train to Reading is that there are loads. There are ones that go to Reading, and you don’t want to get those. Then there are ones that go to Wales, and those are the ones you want, because they don’t stop much (if at all) before Reading, whereas the ones to Reading stop all the bloody time. Amazingly, I got the one that didn’t stop at all before Reading. Imagine how long it’d have taken if I had got the wrong one. So I got the 08:15 from Paddington, because somehow it took an hour to get to Paddington from Holborn on the underground train. I probably should have just walked.

xkcd #149

So I usually don’t get xkcd. I think it’s usually just over my head. Or maybe I’m not enough of a geek to get it. Anyway, the one I do like is #149. It just totally sums up my use of sudo every single day at work. Quality.

It helps, though, that I have sudo on pretty much everything at work. Otherwise… like, #149 wouldn’t hit the mark quite so well.

Fuel. And the lack of it

There’s a bit of a fuel crisis up my way at the moment. One of the distributors of fuel is shutting down for a couple of days which, for some reason, means that we have to do without fuel for a month.

You have to assume this is a joke, but apparently not.

Anyway, the local bus company made a bit of a fsck up yesterday. They announced on their web site that they were going to have to cancel all bus services from Monday next week because of a lack of fuel. Their site then apparently went in to meltdown because no-one could believe their fscking eyes.

About an hour later, the message changed to announce that their fuel crisis was averted and everything was OK. That was a mad hour. Bet their phone system went loopy too ;)

If there *is* a fuel crisis, I’ll just have to work from home. What a hardship…

Shouldn’t have made that last post

Clearly, I should not have made that last post.

The weekend’s been a bit of a write-off. I think I overdid it a little at work towards the end of last week, as I decided to get heavily involved with another piece of work that’s nothing to do with my team but needed some assistance.

Saturday was almost a complete write-off, I just felt completely shattered and ended up in bed all afternoon. Today has not been so bad, but I still ended up in bed for about 90 minutes this afternoon.

There’s clearly a dividing line that I cross now where my MS decides that I’ve done too much. I can still do a hell of a lot without being affected, but I realised on Friday that I’d crossed the line; by that point, there wasn’t much I could do though. So the weekend has not had much happening, to be honest.

Early to bed tonight for me once again, hopefully I’ll be OK in the morning.

Another general health update

Health has been pretty good of late. Been quite tired over the festive period, but I think that’s down to two things – not actually having to go to work, and having had a tiring year. I’ve not had an actual holiday since about February or thereabouts, as when I was off in April, that was because my 3rd daughter had just been born and wasn’t therefore particularly restful ;) And when I was off for 2 weeks in August, I was told right at the start that I really did have MS, and then at near the end of my holiday I was dragged back in to work because of an issue that hadn’t been dealt with well and they needed me in to sort it. So again, not restful.

I’ve had a number of lie-ins this past few days and am feeling better for it. The wife is working tomorrow and I have the 3 kids to look after for the whole day, and believe me, that worries me. I’m not the greatest with some of the inane tasks that they want to do, as my brain is the kind that wants to be doing 17 things at once, so when they want me to play some game that takes ages and involves doing nothing for ages, it’s not so good on my mood. It’s resolved by getting out and about which the kids are happy with, but knackers me out, mainly because the MS makes me get tired quicker than I used to. There’s no happy medium here, I’ve learned. Such is life.

I bought a cable to link up my new TV with the computer I moved in to the living room the other week. This cable simply allows sound to come out the TV rather than speakers. What a difference. This TV is just amazing. I may have mentioned this before. What I need to do next is to figure out what the hell the USB port is for. I’ve plugged a USB stick in which had stuff on it, but the TV didn’t like it. I think I need to read the instructions again.

Slight pins and needles in the hand

This post is one of those diary style entries so that I have a note of when something has happened. My right hand started getting pins and needles either yesterday or the day before. Nothing too bad at all yet, but it’s certainly been there more than a “standard” pins and needles issue which lasts for, like, 2 minutes.

The balance has also been fairly crap in comparison to most of the time, but still not had enough to warrant using the stick.

Other than that, things are fine. Except work, where I’m hitting my head off a brick wall with some issues, but if I didn’t have issues to deal with, I wouldn’t have stuff to do, so I shall not complain (too much).

Unstable; do I use the stick?

Another day of not being particularly stable. Today was the closest I came to using my walking stick for the first time. I probably would have, except I’m concerned about what people might say. I know I shouldn’t be thinking like that, and if someone else in the office was thinking like that, I’d reassure them. But I’m the person with the stick, not them, so it’s me that needs to break my duck, so to speak.

Maybe I’ll use it tomorrow.

Today I got by through moving around really slowly and holding on to things for reassurance. I know that people know something is up from the way they’re looking at me, but there’s not much else I can do. Except use my stick. I should really try that.

The day before T-Day

Feeling much better today. Yesterday’s complete write-off made me rest pretty much all day, only had 8 hours out of bed in total. Slept well. Felt good today; cold still here, but not nearly so bad. Work was no problem.

According to my work colleagues, tomorrow is T-Day. That’s the day my new TV arrives. I actually had a dream about it last night. Sad, eh?