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Garmin: Comparison of Edge 810 and Edge 800

Last Edited: 07-Apr-13

The Garmin Edge 810 device has just been released, as I posted briefly about last night. For people like me, who own a Garmin Edge 800, we’re instantly wondering whether we need to upgrade, which will be expensive. Therefore, this post is about what I have read about on the 810 that isn’t on the 800, and thereafter whether I’m going to be upgrading.

This therefore will probably only be of interest if you are in a similar position to me. I’m not going to describe all the cool things the Edge 800 does, since I know all of that already, and is therefore irrelevant for the point of a comparison, because the 810 should have everything the 800 has.

So first, there’s integration with your mobile phone. Now, when I’m out and about walking the dog, and I’m wanting to track my walk, I use Endomondo‘s iPhone app. It does live tracking. This means that people can see where I am and where I’ve been so far on my walk. It’s pretty cool, and was very useful when my wife was training for a Moonwalk such that I could see where she was, and where she’d been, right in the middle of her training stint. Now, it’s nice, but it’s not essential. I don’t have anyone who really wants to see where I am in the middle of a training session. Yes, it would be a useful feature to have if I was buying an Edge for the first time, but there’s no chance that I really need this feature. A “nice to have” feature. Not a showstopper.

Workouts can get uploaded automatically via your phone, rather than via a computer. Yep, nice to have. Not essential again. Indeed, when I upload an activity, I upload it to three other places as well (my “multiple activities on one map” webapp, Strava, Endomondo), so I need to be at a computer anyway. And I also want to see the activity on my computer. So does it give me anything? No, it actually gives me nothing at all.

Edited: 07-Apr-13

This next section on weather has been edited to reflect comments and suggestions.

Weather. Seriously? I don’t see the point of this. When I’m doing an activity, I’m doing it, no matter what the weather does. I generally check the weather forecast before I do an activity anyway, so having it on the Edge gives me nothing. Sure, the forecast could change minorly, but is that really going to make any difference to my workout? Nope. And you know another way to see what the weather is like? You open your eyes and pay attention during your workout. It’s not like you’re doing much else while cycling along the street / path, is it? A nice to have? Not for me. It’s an utterly useless feature.

OK, so the weather feature is not something that I would find useful, and that’s because of where I live. I live in Scotland, and although you can indeed get four seasons in one day here, you can find out what season is going to hit you at any hour of the day before you head out on your activity, as the weather forecast for the next 24 hours tends to be relatively reliable. However, what has been drawn to my attention is that in other places in the world, this is not necessarily the case, and the weather can change rapidly depending upon your location. So ultimately, the weather feature, and whether it is of any use to you, is going to depend on where you live. It works by using info from your mobile phone, though, so one could argue that you can always find out the weather anyway if you’re taking your phone with you. However, the flip side is that you will (should) have your Garmin mounted on your stem so that you can see it all the time, without needing to stop, which is bound to be more useful if you live in an area where the weather can change at a moment’s notice. So, the weather feature ain’t no use to me, but could be to you.

That’s actually all I can find that’s different. You can probably tell that I’m not going to be upgrading.

Garmin Communicator on Chrome works again!

Well, blow me down. The Garmin Communicator has been broken for quite some time now on Chrome on my Mac, forcing me to use Firefox to upload activities from my Garmin Edge 800 or Garmin Forerunner 910xt. Not exactly a big deal, admittedly, but a minor annoyance.

What was more annoying, mind you, was the response from Garmin when I raised the issue with them, pointing them at the instructions on how to fix their plugin. Their response was to re-install the 4.0.3 version and try again in Safari. Yep, to fix a problem with Chrome, use Safari. Nice.

Anyway, 4.0.4 has been released and it totally fixes the problem. Don’t let Firefox install it for you though – you need to download the dmg package, close all your browsers and install it outwith Firefox, otherwise Chrome won’t pick it up.


Deer sighted 3 miles from centre of Edinburgh

An interesting incident on the cycle home tonight:

I’ve had a close shave or two while commuting on the bike, but nothing quite like this. The default video is a bit crap in terms of quality; you can increase the quality right up to 1080p to get a better view (although the deer is still moving mighty fast, so it’s difficult to catch a glimpse even then).

The Falkirk Wheel

Took a ride out to the Falkirk Wheel yesterday, since the wife was at work and the kids were at school and I therefore had A DAY TO MYSELF!!! Doesn’t happen often. So I decided to take the Union Canal, since it will clearly take you straight to the wheel. Instead of jumping on at the nearest point to me, which is about 3 miles away up at Gogar Station, instead I cycled west and jumped on just south of Winchburgh as the canal does a big S bend and starts coming back on itself.

Ultimately, although the ride itself was “flat” in that there were no hills on the way there, you can’t ride very fast, and it totally gives your arse a massive beating, because the path is pretty uneven. I had thankfully decided to take my mountain bike rather than my road bike, which was definitely the right decision, but even then, it didn’t really help in terms of evening out the bumps that are all over the place. In fairness, the road bike could have made it, but that’s mainly because it was dry; if there had been any rain, it wouldn’t have been a good idea. A cross bike would have been the ideal bike for the trip, but I don’t have one of those.

Aside from the rather bumpy ride, you also can’t really go any faster than 12mph, and even that’s a struggle. Partly this is to do with the unevenness of the surface, but it’s also very narrow in places, and there can be quite a few people on the path too so slowing down is something you can’t avoid.

By the time I got there, my arse was badly in need of a rest. I also arrived just in time to see the wheel in motion. The following footage is from my helmet cam, to explain why it’s constantly moving:

It’s quite an impressive sight, tbh.

I came back on the roads, to give my butt a rest.

Strava Segments

I’ve recently discovered Strava, and the idea about competing against other riders is the kind of thing I am into. The site works really well; you can compete against other people’s segments, or you can create your own segments from rides you’ve done yourself. Then, you can see how to compare to someone else’s time, and try to become KOM (King of the Mountain).

The trouble is, one of the segments that I ride every day on my way to work just doesn’t get picked up when I upload from my Garmin Edge 800. The GPS track is spot on, it’s just that Strava doesn’t recognise it as a segment. Really, really annoying. Now, it might be the fault of the person who originally rode the segment; I don’t know. I do have one time recorded against it, so I know that it’s possible, and the route is on a cycle path so it’s not as if I have a lot of places to go that could take me outside of the expected route. But if I ride twice in a row down a segment and blast the previous best time, then discover that it didn’t count… well… it’s a bit of a pisser.