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Crap about running, and my general attempts at it.

A Better Running Week

This week has definitely been better for running. I did about 7 miles twice during the week, and the 2nd time, on Friday, I actually enjoyed it. This was the first time I’d enjoyed running since my injury lay-off, therefore meaning the first time I’d enjoyed a run since July, and it’s the end of September. So that’s good. Today, I’ve so far done 12 miles cycling, 11 miles running and 3 miles walking, so that’s not too bad for a “short run” week. And better still is that my feet did not feel sore at all on Friday or today, while running. My ankle is a touch sore right now, but it only started to get sore when I was walking to the shops, so I’ve got a bit of ice on it just now to get it to recover quicker, but the previous pains I had in my feet did not bother me. This is a relief.

Now I just have to hope that this ankle pain isn’t serious.

The blood blister ended up bursting a couple of days after it appeared, much to the wife’s delight, as she was then able to watch me squeeze all the crap out of it. Yep, it was as disgusting as it sounds.

Camelbaks Banned from ING NYC Marathon 2013

Well, fuck me, but they’ve only gone and banned Camelbaks from this year’s ING New York Marathon, for security reasons. Shouldn’t complain, really, and they apparently have water stations every mile from mile 3. Let’s hope they are more organised than the Edinburgh half marathon a couple of years back when they had their water stolen before the race, but didn’t tell anyone, and of course it was bloody roasting and we all (possible exaggeration alert) nearly died. Looks like I now need to purchase a “fuel belt” to take my gels and bars in. Feckers.

20 miles

As previously mentioned in about a bazillion posts, August was a write-off for running as I had numerous injuries. But September is going better.

The new shoes are definitely helping; ASICS GT-2000 ftw. The pain in the side of my left foot is long gone, and even the metatarsal issue on my 4th toe on my left foot doesn’t stop me running, as it stops being a niggle once it has warmed up.

So, after the injury lay-off, the last three weeks has seen three runs per week, where I was building up the distances again, seeing as how I’d been unable to run for so long. In miles, each week was:

  1. 3, 6 and 10
  2. 6, 2.5 and 16
  3. 7, 7 and 20

Week 3, as you can tell, was a serious ramping up on miles. And holy crap, I’m feeling it now, a couple of hours after the completion of that 20 mile run. But hey – I managed it, and it wasn’t easy, as I was not in the mood for running today, made clear to me by my body within 400 metres of leaving my house, so getting to the end was a major psychological win.

A few more long runs should hopefully mean I can get to 20 miles without wanting to die, and thus meaning I can get the extra 6.2 done on 03-Nov-13.

That all said, check out what the run did to my toe. Apologies in advance.

Blood Blister

One weekend, three injuries

I think I’ve excelled myself this weekend, with three separate injuries. Two are, I’m fairly sure, quite minor, mind you.

Injury number one – cycling home at the end of the week, actually now I think about it, this was Thursday evening, so I’m stretching the definition of “weekend” here. But anyway, the weather was foul (not as bad as today though, the first day of the Tour of Britain and I’m pretty sure Wiggo wasn’t pleased to be in Peebles) and I think I was hunched up quite a bit to protect myself from the wind and rain. So later that evening, I discovered that my neck was stiff, and I struggled to get comfy that night in bed. It’s still that way today. I can barely move my head left or right. I’m such a softy.

Injury number two – running 16 miles on Saturday morning, and the 4th toe on my left foot gets a touch sore during the run, and continues to get more sore during the day. It’s not so bad today though, so hopefully it’ll wear off before I go out again either tomorrow evening, or Tuesday evening.

Injury number three – potential broken finger. This was a classic – I’m swimming at the Commie and as I’m coming to the end of a length, while practicing the new Total Immersion techniques that I’ve been reading about in the past few days, I punch the handrail at the side of the pool because I’m too close to the side. Rather than punching it like I’m Floyd Mayweather, however, I punch it with the proximal phalanx on my first finger. It’s quite sore. But, to be honest, I’ve been in hospital too many times this year, so rather than head in again today, I figure I may as well wait and see how it is in the morning. After all, I went 6 days with a broken wrist before heading into hospital, so… well, that’s justification in my book.

ASICS, I’m sorry

Well, the ASICS GT-2000 does seem to have cured the issue I was having with the outside of my left foot. Did a 16 mile run yesterday, and no pain there at all. My 4th toe on my left foot is sore, mind you, but then, if you don’t have sore bits after a 16 mile run, you probably got on a bus. So assuming this toe pain disappears in the next day or two, which I think it will because it gets markedly better when it has warmed up a bit, then the move to Brooks was definitely not a good idea for me.

Again, nothing against Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes at all here; but they were too supportive for my feet, and seems to have caused me the injury.

You live and learn.

Not another post about feet injuries?

Yep, I’m afraid so. The 10 mile run I did on Sunday went ok, but around mile 3 the outside of my left foot started to feel tender. Then, soon after I got home, it became pretty painful for the rest of the day. I decided there and then that I was going to head to the local running shoe shop to see what they thought about me having changed from ASICS GT-2160 to Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.

Then, on Monday, my foot felt a lot better, to the point where I started to wonder whether I was just being a moany git about my foot. But today, I thought the better of that, and decided to go to the shoe shop anyway.

Now, it was pretty obvious that they were going to try to sell me another pair of shoes. I’m not stupid. But the guy did listen to the issues, gave me that “oh, I know the problem” look, and then spent a good 20 minutes explaining what was going on. Ultimately, to cut a long story short, he thinks that video I posted about a while back is basically talking a lot of shit, specifically the bit about the Brooks being the most comparable to the ASICS. Utter bollocks, apparently.

Right now, after having gone out for a quick 10km in the new ASICS GT-2000 shoes I picked up today, I’m inclined to think he may be right. These things feel like pillows on my feet, rather than hardboard. Just like when I first tried on my first pair of ASICS GT-2160 shoes; pillows, I tells ye. There is absolutely no pain at all in the left outside of my foot, too. There is a couple of bits of my feet which are feeling it a little more than normal, but that might just be because I’ve just run in a shoe with completely different support in them. Tomorrow will be interesting to see what is sore.

Once again, fingers crossed.

If I manage to do the marathon…

If things continue to improve, and I no longer have any crippling injuries that prevent me attempting and finishing the marathon, I will be back on to thoughts of doing a triathlon. I have to admit, a standard triathlon isn’t the goal I’m aiming for. Clearly, an Olympic distance one will be a good first step, but a half ironman would be the main goal, and if I can do that, then you never know, maybe a full ironman after that, if the body and mind hold up.

To which end, I need to learn to swim properly, and I’ve not been for ages. Tim Ferriss has an article on swimming which repeats a lot of things that a couple of guys at my work have said about swimming, so I might start some light reading of the books/DVDs he’s referred to while I’m preparing for this marathon, ’cause I’d like to hit the ground running after the marathon is over, rather than let things slide and get out of shape.

On the road to recovery?

After my repeated foot / ankle injuries during August, September appears to be going better. I have been out for 2 runs this week so far, both very short (5km, 10km), to get my feet back into the routine of running. So far, my feet and ankle feel nice and solid. I don’t know whether running 14 miles straight after a long injury lay-off was the cause of my 2nd injury, but I’m basically out of time now and can’t risk further injuries. Therefore, the plan is to slowly get back up to full distance training again relatively gradually.

This week therefore has/will see runs of 5km, 10km and 16km. Next week, I’ll likely do another couple of 10km runs during the week, followed by a 16 mile (26km) run at the weekend. That’ll take place with 7 weeks to go to the marathon. Currently, I am thinking about then doing a 20 mile run on week 6, then doing 20 on week 4 and 22 on week 3, after which I’ll start to taper.

Alternatively, I might do the 20 on week 4 and 22 on week 2. This wouldn’t be ideal in terms of standard marathon training, because all the guides tell you to start tapering down ideally 4 weeks before, but 3 weeks before at least. Tapering down from 2 weeks to go therefore is not what I want to do, but considering August was wrecked by injury, I’m no longer aiming for a sub 4 hour time. I might feel spent when it’s time for the long run on week 3, and need to wait another week to go long again. But if I’ve learnt anything during August, it’s to not plan too far ahead, because you don’t know what is around the corner.

Endomondo Breaks Garmin Uploads Again

About a week ago, Endomondo managed to release an update to their web site which totally broke uploads from Garmin devices. Thankfully, they fixed it quickly; I noticed it broken one day, raised a support ticket, and it was fixed within 24 hours. It’s probable that they took longer than 24 hours to fix it, as I don’t think I spotted it immediately, but still, it’s fixed.

Now, however, they have released a new “feature” which allows you to specify what type of activity (running, cycling, swimming, hiking etc) you are uploading. Previously, Endomondo’s site would determine what the activity was from the Garmin, since my Garmin devices are able to specify what it was I was doing. For example, Garmin Edge 800 is cycling all the time, while Garmin Forerunner 910xt is a triathlon watch, and you can tell your watch what it is you’re doing when you are doing it. This was previously used by Endomondo’s site when uploading activities.

Not any more. I tend to upload many activities at a time, and they now all default to running, despite me stating in my preferences that cycling is my most common activity. Not only that, but the UI to change the activity from running to something else is atrocious if you want to do it with any kind of speed; it is truly painful.

I’m not entirely sure what it is Endomondo are playing at here – there must be some kind of advantage somewhere in their system that they think they have offered to their users. However, I’m a fee-paying premium user, and they’ve totally shafted their site as far as I’m concerned.

Sort it out, Endomondo, or you’re going to lose paying customers, fast.

Yes, another foot status

OK, so I walked the dogs this afternoon, in my running shoes, having abandoned by Merrells to see what difference it would make. The walk itself was about as uncomfortable as it has been in previous days, but to be fair, I did cycle 32 miles this morning and hurt my foot yesterday. The big difference is that when I got back, my foot has not been nearly as sore. It’s minorly sore, and oddly it is sore in a different place. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12The outside of my foot which has been sore for the past week, including yesterday when it was really quite painful indeed, is today not anything close to being as sore.

Success? Too early to say, but I’ve ordered another pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 shoes so I can walk around in them at work. No, I’m not shitting you.